“Reino sobre imperio” symbolises one’s contribution to God’s kingdom on earth; to let God’s will reign in our hearts over our worldly desires and goals.

After suffering from depression, addictions and loneliness since his early teens, in 2019, Isaac made the most important decision of his life; to leave his old life by surrendering to God and inviting Jesus as his Lord & Saviour. “Reino sobre imperio” is Isaac’s musical testimony of a spiritual journey through wisdom and inner healing, met by pain and joy, with a hope to find Gods peace and calling in life.

“Reino sobre imperio” is a 14 track album produced and written by Isaac Vasquez. The album includes collaborations with 14 musicians from Europe, Latin America and the U.S.

The lyrical expression and influence is rooted in rap and reagge, inspired singing-melodies, over a production that crosses the urban hip-hop sound with South American folk music.

“Reino sobe imperio” will be release by the end of 2022